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Corporate Responsibility

Our 38 kW rooftop solar array produces more than 87,000 kWh per year

Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI) has supplied more solar tracking systems than any other company in the world to date, and has a dominant market position in the United State’s solar tracking industry. We take our market leading position seriously and continually strive to improve in three categories of sustainability — people, planet and profit – otherwise known as the Triple Bottom Line.


Without our employees we are nothing. ATI continually strives to build a quality workplace for our employees by inspiring leadership, creativity and talent. We also give back to our community by contributing to local organizations that work to solve socially relevant issues through volunteering, donations and event sponsorship. In collaboration with our industry colleagues and associations, ATI works to expand policies that build solar and reduce the cost of solar energy for end-users. To this end, ATI is an active member of the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), the SunSpec Alliance, and many others.


Solar energy is a booming industry with major environmental benefits. As a solar industry leader, we are constantly searching for ways to minimize our own carbon footprint:

  • Rooftop Solar Array – We employ a 38 kW rooftop system at our facilities in Albuquerque. This system produces more than 87,000 kWh/year.
  • Product Design – Every tracking system manufactured by ATI is optimized to decrease land and material usage.
  • Massive Recycling Efforts – In 2013 alone we recycled 60 tons of aluminum, 30 tons of cardboard and 12.5 tons of steel and iron. This is equivalent to conserving 99,700 gallons of oil, 270 cubic yards of landfill space and 21,700 lbs of coal, respectively. 
  • Solar Energy – With over 4 GW of solar tracking systems installed to date, ATI has created enough solar capacity to power hundreds of thousands of U.S. homes per year.


Being owned and operated in Albuquerque, New Mexico for more than 25 years has allowed us to build solid business partnerships with dozens of local businesses, universities and organizations. ATI was named one of New Mexico’s top two “Fastest Growing Companies in 2013,” with healthy revenue growth of more than 336% since 2010, which was also reflected in job creation as the company increased from 60 to over 200 employees. Our local partnerships and relationships have contributed to our tremendous corporate growth and will help support our success in the years to come.