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Fixed-Tilt vs. Single-Axis Tracker System O&M Comparison»

7/25/14 –

Joe Brotherton, President, MaxGen Energy Services. As price pressure continues to shape the utility-scale PV market, there is a growing focus on understanding and fine tuning the long-term costs of managing these plants through the life of the PPA. Operations and maintenance (O&M) is playing a growing role in the financial modelling of a prospective…

Design Requirements for PV Tracking Systems»

4/19/14 –

John Williamson, Director of Engineering, Array Technologies, Inc. It is important to understand the meaning of ASCE Occupancy Categories and their effects on structural design. In selecting an Occupancy Category (OC), designers are choosing the mean recurrence interval they are designing for. As an OC goes up, the wind speed for which you are designing…

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