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Atlantic Coast Freezers

Our DuraTrack™ HZ system powers 100% of ACF's warehouse facility!Start Video
LOCATIONVineland, New Jersey
GOALControl rising energy costs for refrigeration systems

Goal: Control rising energy costs for refrigeration systems, especially in the warmer months

Atlantic Coast Freezers, a cold storage company in New Jersey, was faced with a conundrum: controlling rising energy costs from utilities, especially in the summer when refrigeration costs rise with the temperature outside. The company wanted not only to reduce the spike in electrical costs during the warmer months, but also stabilize power delivery throughout the day.

Solution: A DuraTrack® HZ system to provide increased energy that matches the facility’s demand curve throughout year

Constructed on unused land adjacent to the cold storage facility, the DuraTrack HZ system from Array Technologies is helping Atlantic Coast Freezers get the most power from the sun, whether it’s cold or hot outside. Delivering the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in the industry, Array Technologies’ tracking systems are designed to maximize initial return on investment, helping Atlantic Coast Freezers stay cool while locking in a low, fixed energy rate for the lifetime of the project.