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Commercial Featured Project

Ethel M. Chocolate Factory

LOCATIONHenderson, Nevada
GOALEliminate carbon footprint at all Mars facilities by 2040, 100% of energy from renewables

Goal: Mars to eliminate carbon footprint at all facilities by 2040

Mars Chocolate North America, known for its iconic chocolate bars and candies, decided it wanted to use the abundant resources of the sun at its Ethel M. Chocolate Factory in the Nevada desert to save on energy costs and implement its goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2040. The challenge was selecting a system that not only would provide reliable power but also deliver the largest possible return on investment for the company.

Solution: A DuraTrack® HZ tracker that provides 100% of factory’s power

Adjacent to the Ethel M. Botanical Cactus Garden, Array Technologies’ Duratrack HZ system tracks the sun to increase daily output, providing 100% of the energy needed to power the Henderson facility. Designed with a minimization of materials, the system reduces steel costs while delivering robust, reliable performance that ensures uninterrupted factory operations. A viewing spot at the Cactus Garden allows visitors to observe the system as it follows the sun.