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Commercial Featured Project

The Lawrenceville School

LOCATIONLawrenceville, New Jersey
GOALGenerate 90% of energy used from renewables

Goal: Generate 90% of energy used from renewables in a limited amount of space

The Lawrenceville School, a leader among secondary schools for sustainability, decided to take the ultimate step in fulfilling their Green Campus Initiative: by generating the energy they use from renewable sources. The question quickly became: What feasible energy source to use, and what type of system could help them achieve such goals, all within a limited amount of space?

Solution: A DuraTrack® HZ system that meets 90% of campus’ annual energy needs

Utilizing an old soybean field once used to feed livestock, The Lawrenceville School chose Array Technologies’ popular DuraTrack HZ system due to its track record of reliable performance and durable design. Its ability to maximize ground coverage and increase power output with tracking is now helping The Lawrenceville School generate 90% of its energy from the sun, all within the limited space available for the project.