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Certified Installer Network

Array Technologies' Certified Installer Network

Companies displaying this emblem have successfully completed ATI’s Certified Installer training course.

Turnkey installation and commissioning services for Array Technologies’ ground mount systems.

Proper installation and commissioning are vital to meeting your project’s timeline and energy production goals, and maintaining long-term economic viability. Each Certified Installer has been hand-selected to provide exceptional service and has undergone extensive formal instruction with seasoned ATI veterans. Let us help you find the right installation partner by connecting you to our Certified Installer Network.

The Highest Level of Experience

To be an ATI Certified Installer, companies must meet stringent requirements including a high level of solar installation and tracking experience. Most Certified Installers also have extensive geotechnical knowledge and even own pile driving equipment.

Trained to Our High Standards

Array Technologies provides staff members of our Certified Installer Network companies with training in a number of specialized areas depending on their job roles, including: Site assessment and design, pile driving, product installation, construction management, commissioning, and operation and maintenance.


By utilizing members of our Certified Installer Network, you will be assured that your installation will be handled by people who are knowledgeable and trained on the best ways to plan, build, commission and operate solar projects utilizing ATI products.

Installation & Beyond

Not only is our network of Certified Installers able to provide services across North America, many companies are also qualified to provide ongoing assistance with Operations and Maintenance.