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DuraTrack HZ v3 Solar Tracker

DuraTrack® HZ v3 tracker rows are connected by a flexible rotary drive shaft. The rows can accomodate North-South slopes of up to 15% and angles of up to 40 degrees in the East-West direction.

Introducing the (r)evolutionary DuraTrack HZ v3, delivering the lowest LCOE yet.

Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is proud to unveil the next evolution of its industry-leading DuraTrack HZ solar tracking system for commercial-scale power plants. DuraTrack HZ v3 offers revolutionary features found nowhere else in the solar industry, including a single-bolt per module clamp and zero scheduled maintenance. This new version product delivers a variety of efficiencies allowing our customers to speed-up installation time, eliminate scheduled maintenance costs and maximize power plant uptime to deliver the best levelized cost of electricity.

Highest Power Density – Reduction of module-to-module gaps to 1/4" coupled with elimination of the gear box dead-space has resulted in a 6% density advantage over our closest competitor.

Greatest Reliability – Improved driveline design efficiencies have allowed for 50% fewer motors and controllers per MW, with each motor driving 650-750 kW. Motor assemblies are now located on the east or west edge of the tracker blocks, facilitating easy access.

Ultra-Efficient Installation – DuraTrack HZ v3 requires less than 1/2 the fasteners per MW with only 10,000 vs. 25,000 for alternative solar tracking solutions. Our ground-breaking single-bolt per module clamp is optimized for rapid deployment, streamlining the most time-intensive installation step.

Zero Scheduled Maintenance – DuraTrack HZ v3's drivetrain is sealed and lubricated for life. The new system features passive wind management which does not require active wind stow or an uninterrupted power source (UPS). Additionally, v3 self-calibrates each row twice daily to ensure optimal performance.