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DuraRack Fixed-Tilt

Array Technologies’ DuraRack® fixed mounting system optimally balances durability with quick installation and no maintenance for cost-effective residential solar projects.

Array Techs’ DuraRack fixed mounting system combines rugged reliability and smart design with fast assembly to offer a seamless installation experience.  DuraRack is available in 2 different tilt angles, 15° and 25°.  This allows for site specific maximum energy gain, ensuring the best possible return on your investment. 

Smart Design Options – Both of DuraRack's design options, portrait and landscape, offer the adaptability to be installed at custom tilt angles while still being positioned low to the ground to minimize wind forces.

Flexibility That Fits The Site – DuraRack offers exceptional ground coverage ratios, and can be installed in virtually any environment, including those with extreme temperatures and in high wind areas.

Customized To Suit Your Needs – DuraRack can be customized for any project regardless of size or location.