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Dual-Axis. Maximum Production.

DuraTrack DA Tracker

Dual-axis azimuth tracking continually positions modules so they face the sun, dramatically increasing power production.

Get up to 40% more power from your PV system by using the DuraTrack® DA. Dual-axis tracking, which continually positions your modules so they’re facing the sun, dramatically increases your power production compared to fixed racks or single-axis trackers.

Array Technologies’ DuraTrack DA single-pole tracker has a proven track record throughout the solar community.  Large Utility companies use solar tracking to increase their return on investment.  You can also take advantage of Array Tech’s patented light-sensing technology to economically maximize your power. 

Fast and Easy to Install – Our universal mounting system accommodates most module types. This system, along with being a single-pole design, comes equipped with a pre-mounted, programmed tracker controller for one quick installation.

Sturdy and Reliable – Built with anodized aluminum and corrosion resistant galvanized steel, DuraTrack DA uses a robust gear-driven design to maximize stability.

Low Maintenance – Simply lubricate the drive just once a year to continue harvesting maximum solar power far into the future.