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DuraTrack HZSR Tracker

This large-scale single-axis tracker uses a single gear drive to track from East to West, following the sun from sunrise to sunset.

Take advantage of solar tracking with the DuraTrack® HZSR, packing field proven technology into an even more flexible, compact, single-row solution.

Get up to 25% more power from your PV system by using the DuraTrack HZSR. The proven & heavy duty gear drive is the same technology that has been used to make the DuraTrack HZ the most widely deployed single-axis solar tracking system in the world. In addition, the HZSR sports a capacity of more than 12kW while accommodating up to 48 standard 60-cell modules.  The low-profile DuraTrack HZSR eliminates the need for ladders or cranes, and requires only commonly available materials and tools for its installation.

Sturdy and Reliable – The DuraTrack HZSR is built out of proven long-lasting utility-grade components. Structural materials include galvanized steel and anodized aluminum for a robust solution that is easy to install.

Fast and Easy to Install – A universal mounting system accommodates almost any type of module and pre-assembled DuraTrack high-speed mounting clamps make installation fast.

Flexible System – Utilizing a single gear drive per row without driveline linkage to connect rows, the HZSR boasts flexibility comparable to most fixed-tilt systems. Put together multiple DuraTrack HZSR trackers laid out in long or short rows to fit your property’s shape.

Low Maintenance – The dry-slide bearings require no lubrication. The heavy duty gear motor requires greasing only once every two years. Just clean your modules regularly to maximize your energy production.