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Engineering and Project Management Support.

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Your success is our success

The solar engineers and project managers at Array Technologies support our customers every step of the way to create successful projects with reliable solar tracking solutions so you can enjoy highly performing solar power systems for the long-term, while consistently meeting your ROI goals. We’ll make your transition to solar power technology easy with our unwavering engineering and project management support.

Engineering Services

After more than 25 years of experience with installations around the world, we know how to approach solar projects set in a wide variety of environments and site conditions.

Our engineers take into consideration project characteristics, site material costs, installation costs, and long-term reliability to provide the most bankable solution possible in every case.

Site Layout Assistance
Working with sloping terrain or irregular site boundaries? Our tracking products can fit into corners and even climb hills. Let us help you optimize layouts while maximizing energy production.

Engineering Delivered
Project specific tracker building block layouts, ground force calculations, PE stamped structural engineering documents with configuration specific assembly drawing packages and structural calculation sets, as well as a full bill of materials (BOM) are just a few of the engineering deliverables we provide to support your team.

Project Management Services

With over 5 gigawatts of product in the field, ATI’s project management team is here to help you leverage that knowledge for your benefit. Your Array Technologies project manager will coordinate everything from logistics and on-site training to commissioning with the driving goal of making your project a success.

Planning maximizes ROI
Our project managers work closely with customers to help them utilize our ground mount solutions to their fullest extent, while managing costs. From reviewing streamlining tracker row types to minimize your part count, to planning shipment sizes and customized kits to streamline installation, we are always helping you maximize your return on investment.

Clear Communications
Your project manager will be in constant contact to make sure things are running smoothly. Our goal is to anticipate most questions and respond immediately when they arise. This quick response time helps you mitigate costs in the field.

Installation and construction
ATI understands that competitive solar projects require cost-effective installation. Your project manager will visit your site, explain engineering drawings and installation manuals, and discuss best practices and logistics for installation of our products.

As installation is completed, our team will provide on-site commissioning. Once commissioning is final, it’s time for you to reap the benefits of our reliable ground mount solutions.