Hurricane tested. Hurricane proven.

New report details Array’s durability and reliability through the US 2018 hurricane season

In 2018 the Eastern United States suffered two catastrophic hurricanes. Florence, a Category 4 major hurricane made landfall on September 4th with maximum winds exceeding 130 mph. On October 10th, Hurricane Michael made landfall at the Florida panhandle with top sustained winds of 155 mph. Array Technologies has hundreds of megawatts of solar trackers deployed in the path of those storms including a solar plant which endured, unscathed, a direct hit of 100mph winds from the eye of Hurricane Florence.

Durability and reliability through extreme wind events are vital for solar plant operators. Array’s DuraTrack™  HZ v3 tracker has been selected specifically to take on the challenges of potential hurricane conditions, both in the US and globally. Array’s proprietary passive wind mitigation system automatically alleviates the effects of extreme wind conditions without the use of complex communications systems, batteries, or power.

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence makes landfall on September 4th near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina with maximum winds exceeding 130 mph.

The eye of the storm passed over an Array tracker project, commissioned in 2009, just 12 miles from the Cape Fear shoreline in Wilmington, NC. The solar plant endured with zero damage.

Hurricane Michael

On October 10th Michael makes landfall at the Florida panhandle with top sustained winds of 155 mph. Michael becomes the strongest storm to hit the continental US since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Two Array Technologies DuraTrack equipped projects, one in Bainbridge, GA and one in Woodbine, GA were in the path of Hurricane Michael. Again, these systems endured with zero damage.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change PV providers need to brace themselves for an increasing number and intensity of extreme weather events. Array has a long history of hurricane endurance and will continue to engineer solar trackers which are robust and reliable.

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