Array Technologies to Power Entire Operation with a Rooftop Solar Tracking System

DuraTrack HZ™ system now powering 25% of Albuquerque facility

Albuquerque, NM – 1/12/12 – Array Technologies has announced the completion of a 40 kW rooftop tracker installation on its Albuquerque facility, providing 25% of the entire power needs of the office, manufacturing and utility warehouse operations for the company.

Array Technologies plans on expanding the system to meet 100% of the energy needs of the facility, making it one of the first companies to commit to powering its operation entirely with clean, renewable energy. Several more installations are planned on the roof as well as on the grounds of Array’s Albuquerque headquarters.

Ron Corio, president and founder of Array Technologies, believes businesses have a responsibility to be sustainable and environmentally accountable. “After believing in the virtues of solar energy and being in the industry for over two decades, the benefits of PV generation became crystal clear after installing a 40 kW system on the roof of our facility. Seeing the figures on CO2 emissions reduction and kWh electrical production on our system monitoring display daily makes us want to generate 100% of our electrical use from the sun. Serendipitously, this also coincides with good business economics.”

In fact, businesses are one of the biggest contributors to climate change today. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, industrial operations account for one third of CO2 emissions in the country, not including commercial, retail or other service operations.

A real-time display in the lobby provides a continuous monitoring of the trackers’ energy generation and offset of CO2 emissions, calculating equivalencies and graphs that display the power generation, temperature, wind speed and just about everything one might want to know about the DuraTrack HZ™ system as it follows the sun.

About Array Technologies

Array Technologies, Inc., provides unequalled expertise in engineering and manufacturing innovative solar tracking systems for utilities, corporations, and small businesses worldwide. Array’s patented tracker designs have established the standard for cost-effective, robust, reliable, and easy to install tracking solutions. Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, Array Technologies’ trackers are manufactured in the USA.

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