DuraTrack® HZ v3 Solar Tracker Receives Internationally Recognized Certification

Global solar tracker pioneer achieves both IEC 62817 and UL 3703 certification

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – September 12, 2018 – Array Technologies, pioneers of solar tracking, have achieved UL 3703 certification and attestation of compliance with IEC 62817. IEC 62817 is the international standard related to photovoltaic systems, specifically the design qualification of solar trackers. During the evaluation process, Array Technologies worked with third party testing laboratory CSA Group to test and assure that Array Technologies Duratrack HZ v3 meets the requirements of IEC 62817 in areas such as:

  • Tracking Accuracy
  • Tracker Functionality Validation testing
  • Performance, Mechanical, Environmental, and Accelerated Mechanical Cycling Testing.
  • Design Qualification testing for Tracker Electronics

“Array Technologies has demonstrated to the worldwide PV market that we are committed to maintaining the highest international standards, ­our DuraTrack HZ v3, single-axis tracking system has been determined through a 3rd party to be of exceptional quality and performance,” said John Nagyvary, testing and certification manager at Array Technologies.

The IEC tests were engineered with the specific purpose of separating tracker designs that would be most likely to exhibit early failures, from those that are sound and suitable for use as specified by the manufacturer. Having achieved IEC 62817 attestation allows Array Technologies to affirm to both domestic and international customers that their tracker design meets or exceeds the product specifications.

“We are excited to have received our attestation of compliance to IEC 62817 and believe it speaks to the culture here of uncompromising quality,” said Jim Fusaro, chief executive officer at Array Technologies. “This is a result of our commitment to provide the most reliable product and lowest LCOE to the utility-scale solar market.”


About Array Technologies

Array Technologies, Inc. is the leading solar tracking solutions and services provider for utility-scale projects. With efficient installation and terrain flexibility coupled with high reliability, durability, and performance, Array delivers the best project returns in the industry. As the chosen tracker for more than 25 GW years of energy production, Array’s products have been optimized through unparalleled experience garnered over nearly three decades. Array Technologies is headquartered in the United States with offices in Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Australia. For more information, please visit https://arraytechinc.com/

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