The Most Reliable Solar Tracker Under the Sun

DuraTrack® HZ v3 with First Solar Thin-Film Modules


The latest evolution of the DuraTrack HZ v3 features an optimized interface for mounting First Solar thin-film modules. Together, these two powerhouses deliver superior energy performance and reliability to your solar plants.

Greatest Reliability

Reducing the number of sensitive components has resulted in the highest operational uptime in the industry. Many other trackers have 166 potential failure points for every 1 in the DuraTrack HZ v3. First Solar modules also have years of proven reliability in harsh environments.

Zero Scheduled Maintenance

The tracker’s gearboxes are sealed and lubricated for life, resulting in zero scheduled maintenance. All tracker rows self-calibrate twice daily, ensuring that each row is always at the optimal tracking angle. Uninterrupted module rows create a robot-ready design permitting autonomous module cleaning.

Optimized Installation

With the fewest fasteners of any option, DuraTrack HZ v3 provides a seamless mounting solution for First Solar modules. This streamlines the most labor-intensive step, adding up to big savings. The robust mounting interface is designed and tested to withstand up to 2400 pascals.

Highest Performance

Combine the high density made possible by the DuraTrack HZ v3 with First Solar’s thin film module performance advantage for winning returns. You can boost production within a tight footprint by taking advantage of up to 6% higher tracker density.


Array’s solar trackers have optimized more than 375 utility-scale projects around the world, resulting in more than 15 gigawatt years of successful operation.


The DuraTrack HZ v3 is designed to withstand the elements, without needing to stow. Its structural integrity protects systems, even during severe weather events.

Robust Reliability

Our trusted solar trackers outperform any competitor, with a field proven uptime of 99.996%.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

A streamlined design minimizes potential failure points and unlocks best-in-class production performance.

Our Experience. Your Advantage.

Mount Signal Solar Facility, California, USA, 265 MW

Array Technologies made history in 2013 with the successful integration of First Solar thin-film modules on single-axis solar trackers at the 265 MW Mt. Signal Solar Facility. The largest thin-film solar tracking facility in North America at the time, it boasts more than three million First Solar thin-film modules mounted on a DuraTrack HZ single-axis tracking system.

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DuraTrack® HZ v3 with First Solar Thin-Film Modules

DuraTrack® HZ v3 with First Solar Thin-Film Modules

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