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Array Technology celebrates 30-year anniversary

Albuquerque, NM – January 30, 2019 – Manufacturing the world’s gold standard in reliable solar tracking, Array Technologies has stood the test of time. Array’s 30th anniversary in 2019 marks three decades of industry leadership. “When I started in the solar industry over 30 years ago, I dreamed about the growth and development that this industry would go through,” said founder and chief innovation officer Ron Corio. “More than anything, I’m proud that Array has been able to help foster that growth, and continues to move the world in a more sustainable direction through continued technology-based innovation.”

Over its 30 years, Array has established itself as a pioneer not only in the solar tracker industry but in the solar industry as a whole. Array has been a critical partner in the marked growth of single axis tracking applications which are now utilized in upwards of 80% of all utility-scale installations. Early installations from Array helped the PV industry achieve significant cost efficiencies and increased energy output. Array’s pioneering nature continues with the expansion of its presence in emerging solar regions such as Australia and Latin America. “Solar power is inherently international,” said CEO Jim Fusaro, “besides expanding our business we aim to provide reliable solar trackers to our customers with the highest yields in both energy production and financial returns.”

With a proven history of meeting and exceeding investor expectations, Array continues on a path to push the industry forward. Recently, the company introduced their newest innovation, the self-learning assisted SmarTrackTM, which automatically optimizes tracking to allow bifacial and split-cell modules to capture the most energy. “To this day, Array is still driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that causes us to constantly push new boundaries to benefit both our current and future customers,” said Fusaro.


About Array Technologies

Array Technologies, Inc. is the leading solar tracking solutions and services provider for utility-scale projects. With efficient installation and terrain flexibility coupled with high reliability, durability, and performance, Array delivers the best project returns in the industry. As the chosen tracker for more than 25 GW years of energy production, Array’s products have been optimized through unparalleled experience garnered over three decades. Array Technologies is headquartered in the United States with offices in Europe, Central and South America, and Australia. For more information, please visit

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