Solar Module Shortage is No Problem with Array Technologies’ Flexible Installation Capability

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No Modules, No Panic.

With U.S. solar developers and site owners scrambling to get module orders shipped to sites ahead of the ITC step-down at the end of the year, panel shortages are becoming commonplace.

In fact, Reuters even reports that the need for speed is prompting some developers to stockpile panels to make sure their projects will qualify for the 30 percent tax credit.1

The demand is so high that some module manufacturers can’t produce quickly enough to support the industry with the tight turnaround time. This is resulting in a shortage of solar modules across the U.S.

Modules Shipping Out Late

Modules are shipping to sites late or forcing module suppliers to inform developers that getting hardware to new sites might not happen with enough time for them to be installed and operational by the deadline.

Even with the safe harbor extension, there’s nervousness about actually getting the full 30 percent credit, in light of the tenuous 1603 Grant from the U.S. Treasury Department in 2012.2 All in all, better to have projects running before the sun sets on 2019.

No Need to Panic When Building with Array Solar Trackers

Here at Array, we’re not too worried about the state of panic in the module market, and we’re extending this peace of mind on to our partners in development. With our simple architecture and flexible installation process, we work with EPCs to utilize on-site construction crews for tasks as they come up, rather than being locked into a rigid construction sequence. Knowing this, it doesn’t matter so much when the modules arrive on site.

With our high degree of pre-assembly and kitting it’s simply a matter of locking in modules, with our single-bolt per module clamp, where they’re needed when they do land on site. With thousands of square meters already laid out and ready, going from mid-project to up and running is quicker and less stressful even under time pressure.

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