ESG Strategy

Turning energy into change

Kevin Hostetler, CEO

Message From Leadership

2022 has been a year of tremendous growth for Array and the clean energy industry. With climate action at the center of our entire business strategy, our company has grown in step with the global shift towards renewable energy.

At Array, our entire business strategy is aimed at climate action and facilitating the global energy transition. More broadly, we recognize that there are a number of areas environmental, social, and governance (ESG) that pose opportunities and risks to our business. Our strategy aims to understand our stakeholder needs through regular engagement, manage the priority areas of ESG that pose the greatest risks and opportunities to our business, and to communicate transparently on how we drive ESG into every business decision we make.

60 GW
of clean energy-producing single-axis solar trackers deployed
6,000 gallons
of water consumption abated from the Albuquerque facility
advanced board gender diversity, having welcomed Tracy Jokinen to our board
of Array’s US workforce identified as Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, Black, Asian, or other People of Color

Our Company

Array is a leading American company and global provider of utility-scale solar tracker technology. Founded and headquartered in the United States, we develop high-quality solar trackers that withstand the harshest conditions on the planet and maximize energy, accelerating the adoption of cost-effective and sustainable power.

In 2020, Array became a public company. And, in 2022, we acquired STI Norland, making us a global leader in solar tracking technology with an established presence in the rapidly growing Brazilian solar market. Through this acquisition and our international expansion into Europe, LATAM, and South Africa, we are meeting the rising global demand for utility-scale solar power.

Our shared commitment to creating reliable and durable products that can withstand extreme weather events allows us to effectively serve our customers, contribute to the growth and innovation of the solar industry, and light the way to a brighter, smarter future for clean energy.

Array conducted their inaugural ESG materiality assessment by engaging key stakeholders to understand areas of ESG risk and opportunity for our business and for society.


With climate action at the center of our business strategy, sustainability is at the forefront of our business decisions. We prioritize efficiency because it drives our positive environmental impact by generating clean power faster. Additionally, we manufacture our systems using recycled steel where possible, and have integrated sustainable product sourcing by ensuring that a portion of their components can be recycled at the end of their usable life.

For the past two years, we have monitored our use of energy and water in manufacturing and minimized waste through the use of recyclable materials in product sourcing and manufacturing. We believe this is not only our responsibility for environmental stewardship but also a way to drive down costs wherever possible.

As we continue to drive alignment with leading environmental standards, we commit to report our progress on key environmental metrics and show progress managing these important areas of operational efficiency.

Solar Installations Across the Globe



By delivering the most durable, reliable, and flexible tracking systems under the sun, we are expanding the reach of clean energy. Array has deployed over 60 GW of clean energy-producing single-axis solar trackers, including nearly 15 GW in 2022.


Array recognizes that our people are our most critical resource, and we value them not only as employees but also as human beings with vital roles in their families and communities. To support them in their work and personal lives, we offer competitive pay, benefits for eligible employees, and a variety of training and professional development opportunities, all in a safe, healthy, and respectful work environment.

We enjoyed bringing the Array and STI Norland teams together for team building events to further integrate our organizations. A priority for us this year was enhancing intercultural understanding and ensuring good communications across languages and time zones. We worked to ensure translation services for all major internal communications, and to create opportunities for employees to understand the customs, cultures, and traditions of our growing organization.

After setting a goal to improve board gender representation by 2025, we were able to deliver on this promise within our first year of goal setting with the addition of Tracy Jokinen to our board of directors. 


Array’s success begins with our people, who we expect to act with integrity in all their interactions. Acting with integrity is our competitive advantage, and we can all take pride in our commitment to accomplishing results the right way, in compliance with our Code of Conduct, our company policies, and all applicable laws and regulations.

At the Board level, our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee reviews and monitors the development and implementation of the company’s evolving ESG goals and provides guidance to the Board on such matters. In 2022, we strengthened ESG oversight at Array by establishing a new governance structure, which includes an ESG Executive Steering Committee and an ESG Working Group.

This ESG Governance and Oversight structure allows us to consistently refine our internal operating standards, ensuring that they align with Array’s overall ESG strategy and reflect our corporate values.

We hope you can feel that passion in our products.