Transforming Solar Operations
Array Field Services & Customer Training

The ultimate support for redefining solar farm installation and operation.

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Production

In a solar landscape where efficiency and reliability are paramount, Array’s Field Services and Customer Training programs are engineered to meet the unique needs of EPCs, utility-scale solar, operation and maintenance (O&M) partners, and solar site developers.

Unlock new levels of productivity and safety with our bespoke service and training packages that include a variety of features that focus on optimizing installation practices. These services and training solutions can help reduce operational downtime and increase productivity and quality in the field, resulting in effective and efficient solar site installation and operation.

Why Choose Array as Your Solar Training and Operations Partner

30 Years of Solar Industry Expertise
Leverage over three decades of unrivaled knowledge in solar tracking technology.
Technical Excellence
Direct access to our experts who understand your needs better than anyone else in the industry and benefit from our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) experience.
Operational Efficiency
Minimize operational downtime, reduce commissioning cycle, and optimize your solar farm installation and operation.
Tailored Training Solutions
Choose from onsite and remote training options to amplify your team's credibility and expertise, including courses that offer NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) professional development credits.
Safety and Risk Mitigation
Empower your workforce with the skills they need to operate safely and efficiently.
Smart Supply Chain Management
Stay ahead of the curve with onsite logistics and field support management to manage inventory and prevent lost shipments.

For more information, download the Array Field Services & Customer Training fact sheet!

Transform Your Workforce with Array's Customer Training Solutions

EPCs, utility-scale solar, O&M Partners, and solar developers often grapple with the evolving complexities of solar technologies and field installation employee turnover. Array’s specialized training programs are designed to provide actionable insights and hands-on experience, ensuring your workforce is equipped to excel.

Receive USA NABCEP professional development credits and in-depth knowledge from one of our courses below:

  • Commissioning Mastery: In-depth preparation, inspection, and commissioning process training.
  • Golden Row Installation: Master the art and science of Array tracker system installation.
  • Installation Best Practices: Gain an orientation into proven methods for successful tracker system installation.
  • O&M Excellence: Navigate, troubleshoot, and manage your site’s tracker and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for minimized maintenance.

Array’s Tailor-Made Field Service Solutions

Pave the way for future growth. Choose Array’s field service solutions to conquer your project’s unique technical complexities and operational challenges. Array optimizes solar tracker design and provides long-term, value-added field service solutions that are tailored to your project’s unique needs, ensuring its success today and scalability for tomorrow.

Array’s customizable field service solutions include:

  • Controller & Software Upgrade Services: Revamp and reprogram your legacy projects for a future-proof solar operation.
  • Golden Row Inspections: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your golden row has been installed correctly.
  • Health Assessment Inspection: Post-warranty inspections and repair recommendations.
  • Help Desk Technical Support: Remote help desk services Monday through Friday, with special coverage available during weekends and holidays.
  • Mid-Build Assessment: Ensuring mechanical components meet standards prior to project completion.
  • Onsite Logistics & Delivery Support: Expertly manage your materials with our Logistics Material Management Technician (LMMT) role.
  • Site Optimization: Maximize your solar output with optimal programmable logic controller (PLC) settings, row spacing, and tracker point adjustments.
  • Troubleshooting Services: Expert onsite evaluation and hands-on guidance.


Ready to Optimize Your Solar Farm Installation and Operation?