Array OmniTrack™

Unlevel the playing field

Designed to go further, the new Array OmniTrack™ can be easily installed in more locations. Strong materials and simplified construction minimize schedule risks. With OmniTrack, you can further reduce grading costs and earthwork activities by enabling local ground undulations within a row, practically erasing environmental impact.

Built-in expert terrain analysis
Determine the banding of your site’s slope and get terrain analysis with your OmniTrack™ purchase. Avoid unnecessary environmental regulation challenges, reduce grading and steel costs, and optimize your site’s production.
High power density
Higher density means more power and more profit. OmniTrack™ offers the unique ability to maximize the power density of each site, boasting higher density than our closest competition.
Leading terrain adaptability
Our flexibly linked architecture, with articulating driveline joints and forgiving tolerances, creates the most adaptable system on the market for following natural land contours while creating the greatest power generation potential from every site.
Fewer components. Greater reliability.
Array was founded on a philosophy of engineered simplicity. Minimizing potential failure points with fewer components than competitors, OmniTrack™ consistently delivers higher reliability and superior uptime.
Minimize site grading
OmniTrack's flexible design works with the land, not against it. Its terrain following technology allows for installation on hilly terrain, minimizing the need for grading, which leads to faster permitting and quicker implementation. Less site grading also saves time from reseeding.
Less environmental impact
Engineered to reduce or eliminate grading, OmniTrack™ maintains natural terrain. This leads to far less ground disturbance, which preserves natural water flow and protects the surrounding land from erosion.

Array has spent decades designing and perfecting the most reliable trackers on the planet. Protect your investment in the harshest weather with fewer moving parts, stronger components, and intelligent design.

For more information, download the Array OmniTrack data sheet!