Software Suite Overview
Array SmarTrack™

Advanced tracking for optimized results 

The technology your utility-scale solar site needs

Discover the power of Array SmarTrack™, the data platform for Array’s range of software and control-based products designed for utility-scale solar sites. This advanced system seamlessly integrates with our cloud services, enhancing energy production and managing weather risk. Equipped with our innovative SmarTrack Controller and a strong focus on cybersecurity, including an ability to integrate and comply with NERC-CIP standards, SmarTrack ensures peak performance and reliable on-site decision-making. Our SmarTrack software represents the future of solar energy management, combining sophisticated machine learning and proprietary algorithms for optimal operational efficiency.

SmarTrack™ Backtracking 
Array SmarTrack Backtracking adds slope awareness to the conventional backtracking model for optimizing shoulder hour energy production on sites installed over undulating terrain.
SmarTrack™ Diffuse
Array SmarTrack Diffuse uses existing on-site sensors and a proprietary algorithm to recognize overcast conditions and move trackers to a flatter angle for increased energy yield.
SmarTrack™ Automated Snow Response
Array SmarTrack Automated Snow Response uses ultrasonic snow depth sensors to identify snow accumulation and intelligently adjust trackers to maximum tilt angle.
SmarTrack™ Hail Alert Response
Array SmarTrack Hail Alert Response uses 3rd party weather data to detect upcoming hailstorms and automatically repositions the trackers to a defensive angle for site protection.

Secure, innovative, and data-driven

Our system is designed to adapt to unique site terrain and weather conditions, improving project yield, reducing risks in extreme weather, and simplifying operations and maintenance (O&M) practices. Validated by independent engineering firms and underwritten by global project financiers, our cost-effective and secure SmarTrack products can improve your project’s bankability. 

  • Improve project performance
  • Reduce risks in extreme weather conditions 
  • Provide tools for better O&M practices
  • Mitigate network threats and data vulnerabilities

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Advanced cloud architecture

SmarTrack Cloud Services are hosted by Microsoft Azure, capitalizing on built-in capabilities to create a dynamic, secure, and reliable platform.

Azure’s guarantee of 99.95% availability provides prompt and reliable services.
Equipped with dynamic computational scaling and load balancing to efficiently handle varying workloads.
Defense in depth approach helps establish secure environment for customer data.
Data is segregated by site and encrypted through transport and at rest.
SmarTrack™ Backtracking

Array’s Terrain-Adaptive Backtracking Solution

Don’t let uneven terrain or row-to-row height variation throw shade on your solar project’s profitability. Let SmarTrack’s proprietary backtracking algorithm and power production-driven learning process help maximize energy output during shoulder hours over the plant’s lifetime. An independent analysis by DNV validated that SmarTrack can provide significant energy yield improvements on real-world sites.

SmarTrack™ Diffuse

Optimize Energy Yield on Overcast Days

Cloudy skies shouldn’t cloud your solar project’s performance. SmarTrack Diffuse logic monitors on-site sensors to make real-time decisions determining whether going to a flatter angle will increase production. Our innovative algorithm includes checks and limits to ensure trackers only move into diffuse stow if there is high certainty for significant gains.

SmarTrack™ Automated Snow Response

Intelligent Snow Load Management

Snow accumulation can be a significant weight on your solar project’s structural integrity. SmarTrack Automated Snow Response intelligently manages snow loads by stowing at maximum tilt during high snow accumulation. This reduces total calculated load for tracker design, resulting in fewer foundations and cost-optimized module mounting, ultimately helping lower project costs.

SmarTrack™ Automated Hail Alert Response

Proactive Hailstorm Protection

Protect your investment from the unpredictability of hailstorms. SmarTrack Automated Hail Response autonomously repositions solar modules to the optimal defensive position prior to hail events, mitigating the risk of damage and potentially reducing the cost of insurance premiums.

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