Array SmarTrack™
Array SmarTrack™ Hail Alert Response

Proactive Hailstorm Protection 

Protect your solar investment from the unpredictability of hailstorms. With Array SmarTrack™ Hail Alert Response, you can move your solar modules to the optimal defensive position prior to a hail event. This not only reduces the risk of damage but also has the potential to lower insurance premiums.

Validated in conjunction with VDE Americas, our system can be easily implemented on any existing or new Array DuraTrack® or Array OmniTrack™️ system. The setup requires installation of the SmarTrack Controller and secure integration with the cloud-hosted SmarTrack Data Platform, making it a seamless addition to your project.

Array SmarTrack™ Automated Hail Alert Response Features & Benefits

Automated Response
Utilizing reliable weather data, our system automatically moves modules to a defensive position when a hailstorm is imminent.
Insurance Benefits
Easy to meet insurance providers' risk management requirements, potentially leading to lower premiums or better coverage options. 
Secure Communication
All communication between the SmarTrack Data Platform and the on-site SmarTrack Controller is encrypted.
Timely Alerts
System starts to move 30 minutes prior to high probability predicted hail to ensure modules are ready in a defensive position at the time of the event. 

Why Choose Array’s Hail Alert Software

Our Hail Alert Response strategy is streamlined and effective. The system receives local storm data from a reliable weather service provider, including the forecasted position, hail probability and storm trajectory. If the data shows a high probability of severe hail, a site-specific alert is created and communicated via the SmarTrack Data Platform to the site. The SmarTrack Controller then triggers the trackers to reposition into the selected defensive position: maximum tilt away from the direction of the storm or closest maximum tilt.


SmarTrack Data Platform Chart


Array trackers are equipped with state-of-the-art passive wind mitigation mechanisms. Project design inherently allows trackers to sustain full site design wind speeds at maximum tilt, either facing into or away from the direction of the wind. This means that when the system moves to the maximum tilt for minimizing hail damage, the system is also in the safest position to withstand high wind speeds from any direction.

The importance of proactive hailstorm protection cannot be overstated. According to NOAA’s National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center Annual Severe Weather Report Summary, there were 4,436 hail events reported in 2022. SmarTrack Hail Alert Response offers a reliable, automated solution for projects in the United States that not only protects your investment but also contributes to its financial viability.


Hail Risk and Radar Coverage-Array SmarTrack map

Shield your project from hailstorm risks with SmarTrack™ Hail Alert Response.