Array STI H250 (Dual-row)

Designed to Drive Down LCOE

Dual-Row Solar Tracker

Designed for a favorable LCOE, Array STI H250 is a sought after option with a strong reputation and established presence in Europe, South America, and Africa. A proven product ideally suited for sites with irregular boundaries, highly angled blocks, or fragmented project areas, STI H250 upholds Array’s stringent standards for reliability and durability.​ H250 has a dual-row structure with approximately 60 photovoltaic modules per row in a vertical position (1V). This optimized configuration allows a single motor to move up to 120 modules. That engineering enables one mighty motor to deliver an incredible amount of power while still adapting to any type of layout and terrain.

Always in sync

Our solar trackers have an onboard control and communication system that brings row after row of functionality.

  • High operation reliability
  • Configurable alarm management
  • Customizable backtracking algorithm that minimizes shadows
  • Seamless integration with the plant communications system and SCADA with Modbus TCP/IP standard
  • Zigbee® wireless communication system
  • Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance that avoids downtime
  • Commissioning and backtracking tools

It also powers itself

Once it’s set up, the motors power themselves with a little less than 3 feet of solar panels.

Want a closer look?

Explore every part of the STI-H250 with this interactive datasheet.

Engineered to deliver more with less

The STI H250 dual-row solar tracker was designed to deliver a low LCOE through a trailblazing dual-row design. It uses advanced wireless communication technology to synchronize and control a 60-meter long row with a single motor. A pioneer in this solar tracking technology, and today more than 200 PV plants employ around 70,000 dual-row trackers.

So easy to install, you can practically do it from here

In this experience, you’ll learn the step-by-step assembly of the dual-row solar tracker STI H250 installation process.

Product benefits

Installation process

Installation time flies thanks to our simple structure, modular design and low learning curve. We engineered the STI H250 to fully assemble without the need for cutting, welding, or drilling. We even supply the assembly tools so that your crews can start turning bolts and stop checking measurements. We also offer a wide range of foundations that work across virtually any type of terrain while minimizing or removing the need for earth movement.

Types of foundation
Direct driving

Explore a solar plant

Get behind the wheel of our virtual 4×4, take a spin around a photovoltaic solar power plant, and learn a little more about our company along the way.

For more information, download the Array STI H250 data sheet!