Array DuraTrack® (Multi-row)

Unparalleled track record

Three decades of field-tested design improvements have resulted in the Array DuraTrack®—The most durable, reliable tracking system under the sun. Maximize your power density and streamline installations with our single-bolt module clamp, forgiving tolerances and flexible linked architecture. Our innovative use of fewer components combined with our failure-free wind design makes DuraTrack a leading solar tracking solution for utility-scale projects.

Features and benefits

Global leader in reliability
Set it and forget it. With decades of in-field installation and 99.9% uptime, few things in life are as reliable and dependable as the DuraTrack®. Our thoughtful design streamlines the amount of moving parts to keep your system running flawlessly all day and you resting easy at night.
Failure-free wind management
Dependable even in the most extreme weather; any mix of high winds, hail, and snow are no match for DuraTrack®. The only solar tracker on the market with a fully automatic, failure-free wind-load mitigation system that doesn’t rely on active stow, sensors or electricity.
Engineered simplicity
DuraTrack® consistently delivers higher reliability and superior uptime because we engineered more failure points out of the end product. In fact, it has 167 times fewer components than competitors.
Efficient installation
Our single-bolt module clamps and forgiving tolerances streamline the process for installation crews.
Higher power density
Our new 100+ module row design packs more power into each row. And our flexibly-linked architecture can take on tough terrain.
Zero scheduled maintenance
Maintenance-free motors and gears, fewer moving parts, and industrial-grade components, means no scheduled maintenance required for our customers. While our competitors average two unscheduled maintenance events per day, we average only one per year.

For more information, download the Array DuraTrack data sheet!

Lower LCOE
Lower lifetime operation & maintenance

Failure-free wind design

DuraTrack was designed and field tested to withstand some of the harshest conditions on the planet. It is the only tracker on the market that reliably handles wind events with a fully integrated, fully automatic wind-load mitigation system without the need for complex communication systems, batteries, or power.

DuraTrack® + SmartTrack™

Increase production, decrease O&M

Pair DuraTrack® with our SmarTrack™ software system to boost your real-world power output by intelligently adjusting module angles in response to weather and site conditions.

We build our bolts smarter

Standard module clamp
Array’s versatile single-bolt module clamp’s octagonal shape provides worry-free, no-slip installation. Our patented, single bolt design delivers integrated module bonding and one of the fastest, most secure installations in the industry.
Bifacial module clamp
Array’s high-rise, patented, 1MIP tracker architecture ensures optimum bifacial light capture and efficient junction box clearance for bifacial and split-cell modules.
Array’s patent-pending, single-bolt module clamp ensures error-proof alignment of First Solar Series 6 modules, N-S and E-W. Installers torque a single bolt to securely fasten and ground the module for the industry’s quickest installations of 11 seconds per module.

Real performance.

Real results.

In the real world.


Product specifications

Proven performance
  • High uptime solar tracker: Unmatched proven field uptime
  • Time-proven solar tracker: 30 years of experience
  • More than 900 utility-scale and commercial projects around the world
Quality results
  • Quality management system based on ISO 9001 standards
  • Dedicated, proven suppliers
Reliability by design
  • Customized site-specific engineering
  • Superior solar tracking system design
  • Stable supply chain and quality control
Testing and certifications
  • Full-scale wind tunnel tested
  • Certified to UL 3703 and IEC 62817
  • Approved by third-party engineering entities
  • Installed at prominent testing facilities

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