Array SmarTrack™
Array SmarTrack™ Diffuse

Optimize energy yield on overcast days

Don’t let overcast days dim your solar project’s performance. Array SmarTrack™ Diffuse optimizes power production by adjusting the tracker’s position to capture more irradiance under cloudy conditions. With our advanced decision logic and real-time weather data from on-site sensors, you can maximize output even when the sun is behind the clouds.

Array SmarTrack™ Diffuse Features & Benefits

Real-Time Weather Data
Our system continuously receives Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) sensor data from existing on-site sensors.
Quality Check Sequence
A rigorous analysis of the input weather data ensures reliable operation.
Optimized Energy Yield
By moving trackers to a flatter position during cloudy conditions, SmarTrack Diffuse helps modules see a larger area of the sky dome, capturing more scattered light and boosting output.
Advanced Logic
Array’s diffuse algorithm utilizes a lookback period along with other tunable constraints and thresholds to mitigate risk of false positives.

Why Choose Array’s Diffuse Software

Our technology helps ensure that your project performs optimally, even on overcast days. This improvement in generation only requires the installation of our SmarTrack controller at the project site and a one-time setup. 

SmarTrack Diffuse uses a simple but efficient approach to identify overcast conditions. The controller processes GHI sensor data through a quality check sequence before it is used to compare the modeled stow irradiance to the modeled normal tracking irradiance. This comparison, along with other thresholds and constraints, is used to make the decision to move into or out of stow. 

Brighten your project's future with SmarTrack™ Diffuse.