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Our trackers put the power of the sun on your side

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Array DuraTrack® (Multi-row)

Unparalleled track record

Our flagship product, DuraTrack, has earned a winning reputation within the solar industry as the most reliable and efficient solution for utility-scale projects. It delivers optimal project returns by minimizing OpEx, maximizing up-time, and delivering the fastest installation. Dependable even in the most extreme weather; any mix of high winds, hail, and snow are no match for DuraTrack. An unparalleled track record with zero scheduled maintenance make this the gold standard in solar tracking. ​

Array STI H250 (Dual-row)

Leading the way to lower LCOE

Designed to deliver a favorable LCOE with a robust, dual-row tracker system. The design enables one motor to move up to 120 photovoltaic modules making this an incredibly-efficient utility-scale solar tracking system. A proven product ideally suited for sites with irregular boundaries, highly angled blocks, or fragmented project areas.

Array OmniTrack™

Unlevel the playing field

OmniTrack, the newest tracking solution in the industry, delivers all the benefits of Array’s flagship product DuraTrack—high reliability, durability, and performance—with the added benefits of enhanced N/S terrain flexibility and minimized site grading. The premier solution for unlevel site terrain, OmniTrack’s flexible design allows for more slope without sacrifice. Requiring significantly less grading and civil works permitting, OmniTrack saves time and money.

Array SmarTrack™

Advanced tracking for optimized results

Elevate your solar management with SmarTrack, Array’s robust data platform designed for utility-scale solar sites. Fully integrated with advanced cloud services, SmarTrack not only enhances energy production but also effectively manages weather risks. Equipped with the innovative SmarTrack Controller and a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, it meets NERC-CIP standards, ensuring secure operations. Utilizing sophisticated machine learning and proprietary algorithms, SmarTrack leads the way in data-driven solar energy solutions.

Array Field Services & Customer Training

The ultimate support for redefining solar farm installation and operation.

Unlock new levels of productivity and safety with our bespoke service and training packages that include a variety of features that focus on optimizing installation practices.

More Than Just a Solar Tracker Company

In addition to our industry-leading solar trackers, Array offers our global customers a competitive warranty, project management, design and technician services for your solar tracking system. Ask Array Technologies about our engineering services as you plan your next project.

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