Array SmarTrack™
Array SmarTrack™ Backtracking

Terrain-adaptive backtracking solution

Maximize your solar project’s energy yield with Array SmarTrack™ Backtracking. Our revolutionary machine learning software uses power production data to characterize each motor blocks terrain and minimize row-to-row shading, enhancing your project’s performance and ROI. 

Array SmarTrack™ Backtracking Features & Benefits

Lifetime Validity
Parameters are optimized once and remain valid for the life of the project.
Optimized Backtracking
Improves shoulder hour performance beyond manual adjustments.
Slope Awareness Parameters
Optimized using state-of-the-art analysis techniques for maximum site energy production.
Motor Block-Level Optimization
Customized for unique motor block terrain features.

Why Choose Array’s Backtracking Software

Manual adjustments to minimize shading are performed as standard practice on every Array project. SmarTrack further enhances the backtracking performance by adding slope awareness to the conventional tracking algorithm. An advanced learning process uses energy production data to remotely optimize the relevant parameters and update the tracking algorithm in the Array motor controllers. Once the performance has been optimized, the learned parameters are applicable for the project’s lifetime.

An independent analysis by DNV validated the significant energy yield improvements that SmarTrack Backtracking can provide for real-world projects with variable terrain.

Unlock the full potential of your solar project with SmarTrack™ Backtracking.