10 Reasons Array Trackers are Lighting Up the Australian Market

An Array solar tracker, crafted through our manufacturing operation in Australia, offers a range of benefits that can make it a smart investment for project developers and engineering, procurement, and construction contract professionals (EPCs) looking to maximize the performance of their solar farms.

Not only do Array trackers help maximize solar farm performance, but they also bring a wealth of additional benefits that set them apart in the global market.

Here are 10 reasons Array solar trackers are capturing the limelight in Australia.

    1. Exceptional Quality: Array solar trackers from our Australian manufacturing operation are designed and constructed to comply with Australia’s stringent standards for quality and safety. The result? A reliable and durable product you can trust.
    2. Local Support: Choosing an Array solar tracker from our Australian manufacturing operation means access to expert local support and maintenance. This can help ensure the tracker performs at its best and that any issues are quickly resolved.
    3. Eco-Friendly: Array solar trackers are produced using sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact. An investment in these devices is also an investment in the planet.
    4. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Opting for a solar tracker from our local Australian manufacturing lowers the carbon footprint from manufacturing and logistics. Avoiding lengthy transportation decreases emissions and energy consumption, making our trackers an environmentally sound choice.
    5. Customizable: The Array tracker, produced within our Australian manufacturing hub, can be customized to meet project-specific needs, whether that’s in terms of size, design, or functionality. This can help ensure the best possible solar tracker performance.
    6. Supporting Local Jobs: Choosing Array solar trackers assembled in Australia bolsters local businesses and job growth. It’s an investment with tangible benefits for the community and the economy.
    7. Enhanced Performance: Array trackers from our Australian manufacturing operation are engineered to withstand the unique Australian climate, including extreme temperatures, high winds, and varying soil compositions. This helps provide improved performance in even the most challenging environments.
    8. Cost-effective: Array trackers from our Australian production line are more reliable and require less maintenance, which can help reduce ongoing costs. Although the upfront cost may be slightly higher than imported materials, the long-term benefits to our local communities outweigh the initial investment. Array solar trackers are designed to utilize existing proven and long-lasting steel fabrication industries in Australia. This means having greater confidence in the quality and durability of the product while reducing ongoing costs.
    9. Strict Quality Control: Array local manufacturers can closely monitor and control the quality of their products, ensuring that they meet strict Array standards for safety and performance. This can help reduce the risk of product defects or failures, which can be costly and disruptive to the end user.
    10. Shorter Lead Times: Local manufacturing means shorter lead times. With key components sourced locally, delivery times are slashed, enabling quicker project completion and faster solar farm activation.

In a nutshell, the Array solar trackers we make in Australia are a comprehensive offering for utility-scale solar developers and EPCs. These trackers stand tall, delivering superior quality, with the comfort of local support and stringent quality control.

Their eco-friendly nature, coupled with a significant reduction in carbon footprint, makes them a sustainable choice. Customization to project-specific needs and the promise of enhanced performance under Australia’s diverse environmental conditions are impressive added benefits.

Choosing the trackers from Array’s Australian manufacturing operation is not just a smart decision—it’s a sustainable, economically sound choice that delivers reliable results under Australian conditions. These trackers truly embody the adage: think globally, act locally.

So, for your next solar farm project, consider the trackers from Array’s Australian manufacturing operation—they are shining brighter for a reason.

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