Array Technologies accepts the 2019 Energy Innovator Award for Best Solar Solutions—Southern USA

Not all solar sites are created equal, and matching the precise needs of solar technology to the land it is developed on can be hugely challenging. With thirty years’ experience in the field of solar tracking, it’s no wonder that Array Technologies has managed to produce the best solar trackers under the sun. Following its well-deserved success in the Energy Innovator program, we caught up with the leaders in single-axis solar tracking to find out more.

Array Technologies has powered the solar industry for over thirty years, not only a pioneer in solar tracking but also industry-makers who refuse to rest on their laurels. Once dismissed as an industry you couldn’t make a living in, Array Technologies has witnessed the rise of solar to become a sustainable energy stalwart, and an increasingly viable option, for many power stations. After all, renewable energy is swiftly redefining the greater energy landscape, triggering a much-needed paradigm shift.

It is here that Array Technologies has established itself as a true global leader, with time-tested solutions that set them up as an innovator in this growing market. As solar technology continues to solidify its position as the future of energy production, Array Technologies is there to provide next-generation solutions.

Perhaps one of the critical drivers of the company’s growth is its ethos to keep its solutions simple through every stage of the setup process. This core philosophy of ‘engineered simplicity’ has nurtured an unmatched reputation in terms of reliability. Ultimately, Array Technologies believes that true value is more than the cost of building a tracking system – it is about keeping those systems running and operational for the full 30 year lifetime of the solar plant with their intelligent and innovative design. This provides a potent combination for potential clients and acts to further distinguish Array Technologies.

With 167 times fewer components than the competition, there is simply less to that can go wrong with an Array Technologies solar tracker. Maintenance-free motors and gears, fewer moving parts, and industrial-grade components means no scheduled maintenance required. This standard applies even in harsh environmental conditions, with failure-free wind design being utterly intrinsic to the reliability of an Array Technologies solar tracking solution.

Perhaps more importantly, Array Technologies has spent decades perfecting how to take advantage of every opportunity presented by a site from installation to power generation. Whether it’s the flexibly linked architecture that can soar over undulating terrain featuring articulating driveline joints or the forgiving tolerances which aid in ease of installation, this company produces an incredibly adaptable system for solar tracking. These features are particularly important in the south-eastern USA as many solar sites are being built on sloping and hilly terrain. Additionally, 100-module rows allow a higher density than competitors, so Array Technologies is capable of maximizing the power production at each of its sites. This means the greatest possible power generation potential no matter where the site is located – even on hills and slopes which traditionally were not considered for solar sites. Managing to maintain almost 100% uptime means more energy generation for site owners and a lower levelized cost of energy – that’s what site owners are after.

Array Technologies is truly a global leader in solar tracking technology. Now expanded from its comparatively humble Albuquerque beginnings, it enjoys an indelible reputation on the worldwide marketplace. With 900+ utility-scale projects in nearly 30 countries, it’s clear how popular their single-axis solar trackers are within the industry, driven primarily by their unparalleled track record of success. As utility-scale solar adoption grows worldwide, Array Technologies is poised to begin developing projects in new regions, bringing clean, renewable energy to more people around the globe.

When Array Technologies introduced DuraTrack HZ v3, they pushed the boundaries on solar tracking solutions, and they continue to drive innovation and advancement to their products and the industry. Thanks to their dedication to helping their customers harness the tremendous power of the sun, they have enjoyed global success. With offices in the US,  Australia, Mexico, and Europe, the future seems very bright indeed for Array Technologies in an industry that looks set to be a guiding light on the broader renewable energy arena.


This post originally appeared on CV Magazine’s 2019 Energy Innovator Awards, in an article titled Best Solar Tracking Solutions Provider- Southern USA. You can view the original article here.

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