Four More Leading American Renewable Energy Manufacturers Join Scenic Hill Solar in American Made, Arkansas Built Initiative

  • Doubling of Companies Participating in First of Its Kind Initiative to Propel American Made Renewable Energy


LITTLE ROCK, AR, December 14, 2023—Scenic Hill Solar and 4 leading U.S.-headquartered solar equipment manufacturers announced their participation in American Made, Arkansas Built™, a unique initiative to restore American preeminence in solar photovoltaic and battery storage technologies deployed in Arkansas and beyond. The new participation of Array Technologies, Shoals Technologies, OMCO Solar, and APA Solar Racking doubles the number of American headquartered companies now participating in the initiative. With the goal of maximizing the use of American-made equipment, software, and technology, solar power plants owned by Scenic Hill Solar are now being used as testing labs, demonstration facilities, and opportunities for collaboration by these leading American renewable energy companies.

“With our nine premier partners in the American Made, Arkansas Built Initiative, we are pushing for a restoration of American leadership in renewable energy,” said Bill Halter, CEO of Scenic Hill Solar. Mr. Halter noted the broader significance: “The solar industry began in the United States but then manufacturing shifted overseas. We are partnering with these leading American companies to bring the industry back home to America by focusing on innovation and collaboration among the premier American manufacturers of solar equipment and batteries.”

“A strong set of American renewable energy manufacturers provides our country with greater energy independence, strengthened American national security, mitigation of global supply chain disruptions, increased economic development, and high-paying jobs for American workers powered by the explosive growth of renewable energy industries,” said Halter.

Array is a leading global renewable energy company and provider of utility-scale solar tracking technology. Array Technologies CEO Kevin Hostetler stated, “the U.S. is rising to the challenge to expand our domestic supply chain to serve burgeoning demand for solar power, and American Made, Arkansas Built, is a prime example of how clean energy manufacturing leaders are building the future now. Array has been in the vanguard of U.S. renewable energy manufacturing since our founding as a solar tracker company more than 30 years ago. Arkansas is poised to boost solar power and we’re driven to be a part of this outstanding market.”

“We deliver “green” solutions, and we are thrilled to partner with Scenic Hill Solar on the American Made, Arkansas Built™, initiative where we can work together in building more solar power plants across both Arkansas and the nation and deliver the environmentally friendly solutions that will increase quality and reliable resources for our clients and consumers for years to come,” said Brandon Moss, CEO Shoals Technologies®.

Gary Schuster, CEO of OMCO Solar, stated, “OMCO Solar has a 68-year history of domestic manufacturing excellence, and we are pleased to be part of this initiative with Scenic Hill Solar and our partners. Arkansas has been a growing solar market for us and a great example of what is possible to lift the solar industry, U.S. manufacturing, and create jobs with renewable energy. We are excited for the next steps and how we can bring more projects, jobs, innovation, and results to grow renewables in Arkansas and across the United States.”

“APA Solar is extremely excited to partner with Scenic Hill Solar on the American Made, Arkansas Built™” initiative. We currently produce all our solar racking steel products in America and have successfully built many large solar projects in Arkansas. This program unites American manufacturers together to promote job creation through all channels of the solar industry. APA hopes to continue this partnership in this initiative for years to come and we are excited to be accepted into the program,” said Josh Von Deylen CEO APA Solar.

These companies have joined in the initiative with five leading U.S.-headquartered solar equipment manufacturers. The founding companies in the initiative are First Solar, Yaskawa Solectria Solar, Nextracker, Zekelman Industries, and KORE Power. With the addition of these four companies, the American Made, Arkansas Built™ Initiative combines the efforts of America’s largest module manufacturer, America’s two largest manufacturers of single-axis tracking systems, two of the largest U.S. manufacturers of fixed-tilt racking systems, America’s largest inverter manufacturer, America’s largest manufacturer of electrical balance of systems, the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in America, a leading U.S.-based developer of lithium-ion cells and manufacturer of integrated storage solutions, and Scenic Hill Solar.

About Scenic Hill Solar

Scenic Hill Solar is the largest Arkansas headquartered solar power developer and the 12th largest commercial and industrial solar developer in the United States, according to Solar Power World. Scenic Hill Solar provides commercial, industrial, government, and municipal utility clients with clean electricity, reduced energy prices and long-term electricity price certainty by developing client-specific solar energy plants. Scenic Hill Solar provides clients with either lower-priced electricity under contract or turnkey delivery of solar power plants, depending on clients’ specific needs. Scenic Hill Solar is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Visit the company online at Scenic Hill Solar’s CEO is former Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter:

About Array Technologies

Array Technologies (NASDAQ: ARRY) is a leading American company and global provider of utility-scale solar tracker technology. Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions on the planet, Array’s high-quality solar trackers and sophisticated software maximize energy production, accelerating the adoption of cost-effective and sustainable energy. Founded and headquartered in the United States, Array relies on its diversified global supply chain and customer-centric approach to deliver, commission, and support solar energy developments around the world, lighting the way to a brighter, smarter future for clean energy. For more news and information on Array, please visit

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