Is Wind Costing You? Discover How Duratrack’s Passive Stow Solves the Energy Drain

Unlock enhanced efficiency and safeguard your investments with Array’s innovative solar solutions. High winds are more than just a natural occurrence—they pose a serious threat to the structural integrity and operational efficiency of solar panels. Now with Array’s groundbreaking passive wind stow technology, you can turn these challenges into a competitive advantage.


The Challenge of High Winds

When wind speeds reach certain thresholds, solar modules can experience vibrations and rotations that may lead to structural damage or even module failure. Traditional active stow strategies, though necessary, often result in significant energy losses. Array’s passive wind stow technology changes the game, minimizing energy losses and reducing the risk of damage.


Array’s Solution: Passive Wind Stow Technology

Validated by independent engineering and design firm DNV, Array’s passive wind stow technology significantly reduces average annual energy losses to just 0.05%, compared to the 2.8% from active strategies. This innovative approach ensures that most of the solar rows continue tracking normally, even in high wind conditions, minimizing disruptions and maximizing energy production.

Our passive stow technology has been rigorously tested and validated. DNV’s study confirmed that “for the cases selected for this study, generally, losses from the passive stow cases were lower than those from active stow strategies…” This validation underscores the efficiency and reliability of our technology in real-world conditions.


Financial and Operational Benefits

  • Reduced Energy Losses: Passive stow technology limits energy losses during high wind events to just 0.05% on average, maintaining up to 99.95% energy retention.
  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: Minimizes the risks of microcracking and other damage to solar panels, ensuring longer life and better performance.
  • Improved Bankability: With higher energy outputs and reduced risk, projects become more viable and attractive to investors, enhancing the overall financial profile and reducing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).


Key Findings of the Study

  • 0.05% average energy loss with passive stow: Demonstrates our commitment to high efficiency and energy retention.
  • 2.8% average energy loss with active stow: Highlights the inefficiencies of conventional methods.
  • 4.3% highest energy loss with active stow: Shows the potential risk of sticking with other technologies.


Why Choose Array’s Passive Wind Stow Technology?

As weather events become more severe and frequent, choosing the right stow strategy is crucial for the longevity and profitability of your solar projects. Array’s passive wind stow technology not only protects your physical assets but also secures your financial outcomes and operational stability.


Ready to Enhance Your Solar Efficiency?

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