SmarTrack is sophisticated machine learning software that boosts energy production and revenues for utility-scale solar sites equipped with DuraTrack® HZ v3 trackers.

SmarTrack has been projected by DNV GL to increase output by up to 5%.

SmarTrack does not require additional hardware or sensors to operate on your site. By adjusting the angular position of tracker blocks in response to unique site terrain, weather conditions, and the geospatial location of the arrays, SmarTrack maximizes PV plant performance and increase profits for asset owners.

Validated by the independent engineering firm DNV GL, SmarTrack’s ability to cost-effectively boost production increases project bankability and has been underwritten by leading global project financiers.

Quickly Regain Lost Production
and Lost Revenue with SmarTrack™

SmarTrack Advantages


Increase energy harvest by up to 5% by rapidly and securely optimizing  backtracking and diffuse light strategies.


All data is kept on-site, mitigating network threats, data vulnerabilities, and potential breaches.


No extra sensors or added components means fewer parts, less points of failure, and greater reliability and uptime.


A low one-time, upfront pricing model that boosts energy and revenue while reducing long-term operational costs.


Installation by Array, on-site or remote. Advanced machine learning takes over, no added technicians required.


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Increase Production, Decrease O&M.

By coupling SmarTrack with Array’s DuraTrack® tracker, PV plant operators and asset owners benefit from a seamless connection between SmarTrack and the patented design of the Array tracker to cost-effectively increase yield. The proven long-term bankability of Array sites is a product of our goal of engineered simplicity­­–drastically fewer components along with powerful machine learning software means lower O&M and proven, increased yield.

Machine Learning and DuraTrack® HZ v3 Tracker

SmartTrack’s machine learning and advanced algorithms boost energy production by intelligently and automatically adjusting module angles in response to weather and site conditions. In keeping with our design goal of unparalleled reliability and decreasing revenue-sapping, long-term O&M costs, there’s no need to add specialized equipment, expensive sensors, or extra technical staff. Within days of deployment, SmarTrack learns the optimum module positions of your PV plant to yield maximum power over its lifetime. Installed and supported by solar application developers at Array, SmarTrack operates securely on-site, without the necessity of a data leaving the plant. SmarTrack dramatically regains lost kilowatt-hours from diffuse light conditions and row to row shading caused by uneven terrain.

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