Dead Sea / Karameh, Jordan

Sunny, Salty, and 254 Meters Below Sea Level

With ample sunshine, Jordan is a prime location for solar. However, high corrosion and heat levels near the saline-heavy Dead Sea pose challenges for the installation and longevity of solar tracking structures. Array’s DuraTrack® HZ v3 solar trackers proved the perfect solution to meet these challenges.

At 254 meters below sea level, the location is one of the lowest points on earth and features an extra-terrestrial environment with high heat and corrosive salt levels. Batteries would be problematic in this area, due to their inability to withstand extreme high temperatures. High power density and reliable solar trackers resilient against corrosion would be crucial to the project’s success.

Quick and Easy to Install

Kits preassembled off-site saved time for the installers, getting the project online faster and keeping labor costs low. With a single clamp per module, one fastener per clamp, and 15,000 fewer fasteners per megawatt than competitors.

Harsh Environment? No Problem.

Without the need for batteries, temperatures reaching 100ºF (38ºC) and corrosive elements are no issue for Array’s DuraTrack HZ v3 in this extra-terrestrial environment.

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