Dead Sea / Karameh, Jordan

Sunny, Salty, and 254 Meters Below Sea Level.

With ample sunshine, Jordan is a prime location for solar. However, high corrosion and heat levels near the saline-heavy Dead Sea pose challenges for the installation and longevity of solar tracking structures. Array’s DuraTrack® HZ v3 solar trackers proved the perfect solution to meet these challenges.

Lamesa Solar Facility / Texas

Everything is brighter in Texas. Installing Array Technologies’ solar trackers in Lamesa.

Texas continues to be a hub of energy production. The Lone Star State currently leads the nation in oil and wind energy production and can now add solar and advanced tracking technology to its already diverse portfolio.

Aydin, Turkey

Ideal technology for not so ideal terrain.

Turkey has made tremendous strides in the development of its renewable energy sector, with perhaps most notably, the allocation of more than two billion dollars for the production of wind and solar energy. These sources of funding, or tenders, are part of Turkey’s ambitious plans for the future of renewables and a holistic set of economic growth targets.

Parkes Solar Farm / Australia

Installation Is Just That Easy.

Array Technologies heads down under with a new site in New South Wales, Australia. An efficient team of solar tracker installers kept the project on schedule with Array’s flagship single-axis tracker, the DuraTrack® HZ v3.

Cantil,  California

 Complex Site Design Made Easy. 

Creative solutions for site design may meet the needs of the project, but implementing the concept is another part of the challenge. The less prepackaged a setup is, the more complicated installation can be, clear project management coupled with the installation benefits of Array’s DuraTrack® HZ v3 proved the innovative combination for the challenge. 

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